Trinity Lutheran Church

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Next meeting is Thursday, August 2nd at 7:00 PM. Hostess is Lois.

Minutes from the May Posse Meeting - Hostess Joanna

Other members present:  Cathie, Kristin, Gretchen, Marilyn, Lois, Deb, & Barb

Donnie & Sandy were here to go over catering for our Anniversary/Dedication Service On May 20th .  They will get meat to do the pulled pork sliders, barbecue sauce & buns. After discussion, it was decided they will do cheesy potatoes.  The rest of the food, fruit & veggies & cheese & crackers, desserts & beverages, we ladies will do.


Joanna did opening devotion using Portals of Prayer.


Secretary’s report was read & approved.

Treasure’s report:  Balance $3,042.59, $ 1,481.54 is set aside for bldg., $37 for Love INC, which leaves $1,524.05 in discretionary funds.

Finalized plans for craft day, May 12th  - sent sign-up sheet around.

Joanna will pick up geraniums for Pentecost On the 19th.  We have 30.

Deb will pick up carnations for Mother’s Day the Friday before and she will get coins for Father’s Day in June the Saturday before.  Cost for both is $75

Finalize plans for Celebration:

·        Dan will be here on Friday when they deliver 6 high tables & 4 round for food & the linens.

·        Marilyn got a Thrivent Action Grant to help with cost of food & paper products.

·        Barb & Amy will work on set up & decorations.

·        Kristin & Barb & Gretchen will purchase the food on Friday.

·        All who can help with food & set-up should be here Saturday at 10:00 AM.

Altar care is all set for the summer months:

June- Joanna & Amy

July – Cathie & Feb

Aug – Alice & Carole

No meetings in June & July.  Next meeting, August 2nd with Lois hosting.

Planning activity for June 12th  - We will go to Shipshewana & visit Carolyn & Joe in Sturgis along the way.

Michigan District LWML Convention in Port Huron is July 20-22.  Cathie & Deb are delegates with Kristin alternate.  Joanna & Barb also going & possibly Christie & Gretchen.  We need to get together to register on line.  Kristin got reservation at motel 1/8 of a mile away from the convention site & includes breakfast.

Old business:  Cathie reports we have 95 LETS tokens left.  We need to think about a fund raiser to get money to purchase more as we only have $37 in reserve for that.

New Business:  Need to think about getting tables or furniture for a sitting area in our gathering space. Will discuss more at our next meeting.

New Bunn coffee maker given to us needs to stay plugged in all the time.  Directions on how to operate are in the kitchen.  Cathie bought the paper coffee filters for it.

Hertel’s had a baby girl, Ophelia Janell. Posse will have a little baby shower at the baptism to celebrate & welcome her into our Trinity family.

Closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Enjoyed dessert & social time.

Respectfully submitted in service to Our Lord. 

Barb Yek